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Koshary, Pronounced Ko-sha-ry, Egypt’s national dish. A grain bowl high in plant-based protein and fiber made out of rice, lentils, pasta, chickpeas, signature sauce and fried onions. We wanted everyone to enjoy this meal so we made sure it’s 100% vegan and gluten free.

Koshary originated in India as a rice and lentils bowl. It then Traveled to England where it was enjoyed as a breakfast meal. Eventually it landed in Egypt with the British occupation in the 19th century where it became a power house meal that locals line up to at every corner. Next to the signature dish we will be serving some very popular Egyptian food items including falafel (Ta’meya).




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The national dish of Egypt. Fiber and protein packed bowl.
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Traditional mix of freshly chopped veggies and herbs
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Salad & Koshary

Here you get a taste of both falafel & Koshary
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