The Menu


The national dish of Egypt!
Fiber and protein packed bowl. The bowl starts with your choice of grain…
choose from white, brown, or quinoa. Top it with lentils, gluten free pasta, chickpeas, signature sauce, fried onions, and vinaigrette.


Crispy falafel balls sitting on a bed of fresh vegetables, greens, and herbs. Drizzled with one of our popular dressings.


Bed of fresh vegetables topped with quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, tofu, and crispy fried onions. Drizzled with vinaigrette and tahini dressing. (CONTAINS SOY)

Beyond Kabob, salad, tahini, and pickles in a soft, warm pita. Served with a side of roasted potatoes.

Falafel, salad, tahini, red sauce, and pickles in a soft pita. Served with a side of roasted potatoes.


Ful (fava beans), falafel, pita bread, baba ganoush, hummus, salad, dukkah dip, roasted potatoes and pickles. (SERVED ALL DAY)


A crispy rice and lentil pattie filled with seasoned soy and served with a dip of your choice and a side salad. (CONTAINS SOY)


A pita stuffed with minced vegan meat, onions, green peppers, and a traditional spice blend. Served with a side of salad, pickled vegetables, and your choice of soup or roasted potatoes.

Comes with a dip of your choice and pickles.


Choose up to three dips from ful (fava beans), hummus, baba ganoush, Basara (greens and beans dip), or dukkah spice mix. Served with pita bread.


Two Beyond Kabob (vegan meat) pieces served with a side of roasted potatoes and dip or dressing of your choice.