Koshary By Misteka

Koshary By Misteka

so, what in the world is koshary?

Koshary originated in India as a rice and lentils dish. Soon after that, it traveled to England where it was enjoyed as a warm breakfast. In the 19th century, during the British occupation in Egypt, Koshary landed home. The dish became Egypt’s signature dish found in every Egyptian household. The original dish consists of white rice, pasta, lentils, sauce, and chickpeas. Egyptians added the fried onions and Dukkah sauce on top to boost and perfect the flavor.

how did we make it healthier?

Here at Misteka, we believe in plant based, nutrient dense meals. By switching to gluten-free pasta, increasing the protein portion, decreasing the carbs, and adding  more grain, we were able to turn Koshary into a gluten-free, protein packed dish. . As for the sauce, who makes Dukkah better than an Egyptian mom? 

Thanks to my mother’s amazing recipe, we have added her touch to our Koshary dish to give it the homemade feel while keeping it healthy and light.

Why gluten-free?

You don’t have to be allergic to gluten to adapt a gluten-free diet. There are many benefits to cutting gluten from your diet. Besides losing weight and improving your digestive health, a gluten-free diet improves cholesterol, increases energy, and reduces risk of heart problems, certain types of cancers, and diabetes. In addition, it will bring awareness to your food choices and encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables.

let’s give back!

We created the #DontEatAlone campaign because we believe that no child should be left hungry, no matter the circumstances. It is our duty as human beings to make sure children have access to the basic needs of life such as food and water. For this reason, we donate one free meal for every three sold to one of our partner charities. We will set a donation goal every quarter and we will quick off our grand opening with the ambitious goal of 750 free meals by the end of 2018. 

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